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Newsletter -  January 2011

Happy New Year!

For many of our clients, 2010 was a year of booming business.  For those of you who provide outreach services in your communities, "booming" is probably not how you would like your business to be, as it means that many of your neighbors were hard hit by an economy that hasn't recovered as quickly as we would like, and needed help making ends meet.  We hope that OutReach Community Assistance Database has helped you manage your services and record-keeping, and we hope that it will be especially useful to you as you close out your books on 2010.

As we look forward to 2011, we wish all our clients a better year ahead.  If you had a great year in 2010 - wonderful! We hope that this year brings even greater prosperity for you, along with good health and much happiness.  For ourselves, our fervent prayer is for better health for each member of our families.  Our ability to serve you was greatly diminished in 2010 due to a series of health problems, great and small:

(Continued from our e-mail newsletter...)

  • Lynnette's father had a stroke and was hospitalized.
  • Tim's mother had lung cancer which required the removal of half her left lung. (By the way, she never smoked a day in her life.)
  • Lynnette's father was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent extensive surgery which put him in intensive care for 9 days, followed by another week in the hospital, and a few weeks in a nursing home for rehab. He's home and doing well now, all things considered.
  • Our 95 LB Black Lab crashed into Lynnette and broke two bones in her left leg, which required surgical repair.  She was in the hospital for a week, then in rehab for a week, and continues with physical therapy twice a week.
  • Lynnette's sister was hospitalized with a heart scare, but is doing fine now.
  • Tim suffered a severe dog bite in the leg as he walked one afternoon. We were quite the pair when we went to the emergency care center - Tim with a leg that was bleeding profusely, and Lynnette still in a walking boot. Smile Talk about the walking wounded!
  • Lynnette's brother-in-law fell while walking the dog and broke his arm; fortunately, it required no surgery - just a cast and a few weeks to heal.
  • Lynnette's brother collapsed and was hospitalized for two weeks. He still doesn't have a diagnosis and must go to the oncology center every week to receive an IV with iron to help build his blood back to normal levels, and ironically, to have blood drawn for more tests.  It seems to be a process of elimination, ruling out one disease after another, until eventually, a diagnosis can be made.
  • Tim's mother fell while walking her dog, and broke her wrist, which required surgical repair. She also fractured a vertebra in her neck and must wear a neck brace for several weeks.

As you can imagine, we spent a lot of time away from the office tending to our own injuries and being with our families during each of these medical issues.  We are very hopeful that 2011 will bring renewed health for everyone, so we can all get back to providing better service to you, our clients.

OutReach Update

Shortly before she broke her leg, Lynnette had started beta testing an update to OutReach Community Assistance Database.  We had expected to release Version 1.6 in early Fall of 2010, but our personal and family health problems made that impossible.  But we're getting back to the testing with a renewed sense of urgency this month, and barring any further unforeseen complications, we hope to release the update no later than the end of January.  Version 1.6 includes some features that our clients have requested, including:

(Continued from our e-mail newsletter...)

  • Enhanced export options
  • New option to enter all zeroes in the Social Security field without triggering a duplicate record warning
  • New report - Grocery Log (with Family Breakdown)
  • New options for Demographics report and Geographic Summary report to include family members in the totals

There are other enhancements and bug fixes as well - these are just the highlights.  Please remember - if you would like to see new features, or if you have experienced any bugs, please let us know so we can add them to our list for future updates.

OutReach Price Change

Beginning February 1, 2011, the retail price of OutReach will be $89.95.  However, to show our thanks to our existing clients, we will offer you the opportunity to buy additional licenses at the current price of $69.95 through the end of the first quarter, IE March 31, 2011.  If you plan to add more OutReach licenses in the near future, please contact us and we will give you a coupon code so you can make the purchase at the "old" price.

New Software Products

We have developed a new database application for owners of livestock, tentatively called myBarnyard.  This new program will keep track of animals, their breeding, offspring, production (milk, eggs, etc), results in the show ring, and much more.  We have several small farmers/ranchers lined up to test this product for us, so OutReach clients can rest assured that myBarnyard won't slow Lynnette's progress on beta testing for Version 1.6.

(Continued from our e-mail newsletter...)

We are also working on a winemaker's database application, to allow home brewers and boutique wineries to keep track of every step of the process, along with the resulting inventory.

Another product in the works is a "professional" version of OutReach that will allow our clients to do significant customization - adding fields to the database, modifying the views, and editing existing reports or creating new ones in Crystal Reports. This version will be especially useful to outreach agencies who have "power users" or database specialists on staff, or volunteers with the skills and dedication to use these features.  We'll provide more information about this in future newsletters, or if you have specific questions or "wish list" requests, please contact us. 


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